Frequently asked questions

Please send us a message using the contact us form on this website or email us directly at ​[email protected] with any questions or inquiries.
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    Is there a cost to inquire about custom orders or to get digital proofs of custom orders?
    There is no cost to ask us anything. We are happy to help create designs, and wont charge you anything till your ready for us to actually make and ship your item.
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    How long do custom orders take to fulfill?
    We can usually have items done and prepared to ship within 3 business days. We will happily give you a time frame when you place your order.
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    Can you create from a digital image?
    If you have an image and want to see if we can create something for you please contact us. Usually we can create from your images. However, if the recreation is too small or the image too detailed we may not be able to create what you are hoping for. We are always happy to try and can give you a digital idea of what we will be creating for you as a proof.
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    Can you customize items you already have listed for sale.
    Absolutely Yes!!! We have many color choices, and sizes to choose from. It may take an extra 2-3 days to create your product and the price for sizing may vary but to request different color options is no extra charge.
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    Are your vinyl decals able to be applied to car windows, cups, or other items that may get wet?
    For sure! All our vinyl decals are rated for up to 6 years outdoors. They can be placed on your vehicles (however we suggest only on windows). You can apply to your cups, or other items that may need to be washed as long as you hand wash these items.
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    Do you guarantee delivery dates?
    While we make every effort to get items to you as quickly as possible, we can only guarantee our ship by dates, as we have no control over the USPS. If you require special shipping please contact me so that I may get rates from UPS or Fed Ex who do guarantee their delivery dates. There would be additional shipping charges using these options.
If you have more questions please contact us